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Hey everyone, just keeping my journal up to date with my newest tutorial and also my older freebies too ;) 

Firstly I just wanted to mention that I'm streaming more often these days over on my twitch channel, where I answer lots of questions! And all streams are archived over on my youtube channel :) 

My latest tut is now available through gumroad.
The video tutorial is 1.15 hours long and covers everything from the initial sketch to final colour, covering composition, colour, value, layer effects etc. Pretty much everything I could think to talk about! Experienced painters will likely know all of this and more, but I always try to cover everything for the sake of any beginners watching. It's quite different from previous tutorials as this is a full blown scene, rather than just a stand alone character. 

Equinox Gumroad by Charlie-Bowater

* You can also grab my brush pack for free, along with an art chat video through gumroad.

I have more tutorials available through my website as well!

Journal 2 By Charlie Bowater-d98li6k by Charlie-Bowater

And lastly, another freebie is a terribly old tutorial of mine. It was the first one I made and whilst I think it's pretty outdated now, it may still be helpful to some. 

Cheers guys! 


Hey everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know I have a twitch channel for anyone who likes art streams! I'm trying to stream more often these days and all streams will be archived too. (It's also a good time to snag me for art questions if that's your thing) :) 

I'm also part of the 100hours Kickstarter that's currently happening! It's a pretty monumental target but it's a very cool project and would be awesome to see it come to fruition. 


You can find all of my available video's and tutorials on my website.

Journal 2 by Charlie-Bowater
For art lovers that might be interested, The Art of Atomhawk Volume 2 kickstarter launched today! Bag yourselves some sweet art. It's stuffed full of artwork from so many different projects that myself and my colleagues at Atomhawk have worked on over the last four years! 

 photo kickstarter.jpg
Just a little notice that I'm currently having a print sale and you can get 30% off everything in my Etsy store with the code MAY2015…

 Sailor Moon by Charlie-Bowater Fools Gold by Charlie-Bowater A Sky Full Of Stars by Charlie-Bowater

It's one of those rare occasions where I'm offering up some commission slots! :) 

I'm currently offering personal commissions only, not for commercial purposes.

Painterly Busts - £110 GBP / $165 USD
Hex by Charlie-Bowater Opal by Charlie-Bowater Stay Gold by Charlie-Bowater

Waist Up - £160 GBP / $240 USD
Shala by Charlie-Bowater Lilith II by Charlie-Bowater Cane by Charlie-Bowater

Full Body - £210 GBP / $315 USD
Evolution: 2DArtist Tutorial by Charlie-Bowater Moonshine: 2DArtist Tutorial by Charlie-Bowater New Video Tutorial by Charlie-Bowater

Illustrations / Multiple Characters - Individually quoted. 
Snow White by Charlie-Bowater The Fall by Charlie-Bowater Sleeping Beauty by Charlie-Bowater

You can request commissions via note. Paypal only please!

Please provide as much reference and info as possible :) 
Hello lovelies! 

Just a quick update to announce that my new website is live! :) You can find all the usual artwork and a nice resource section listing all the tutorials, videos and time-lapses available to download.



Limited Edition Prints available here

Hi guys! I wanted to share my new online skillshare class: Character Concept Art: from thumbnail to final design.

I've teamed up with skillshare to bring you guys a class all about character concept art. There are videos and a complete project guide to guide you through the steps, from initial thumbnails right through to the finished article. I'll talk about brushes, thumbnails, posing, refining, detail, texture, what clients expect: pretty much everything I can stuff in there. I'm in the midst of putting this together and I'm being as thorough as possible to really try and give you a good sense of how I do what I do. 

A little extra info: The classes consist of various short videos explaining the steps behind the character concept work and there is a written project guide to accompany the class. It's not a live event so you can watch whenever you want to. You can submit your work into the student gallery so other members of the class can discuss the work and give feedback if they wish to. I myself will be looking at the work but I'm won't be providing individual feedback for everyone who takes part. It's a self initiated project. 

The class is currently open for enrollment and will be released on the 8th October. For those of you who sign up early there's an extra 10% discount with the code ERLYBRD

If this class goes well I plan on putting more together in the future explaining other techniques :)

Character Concept Art: from thumbnail to final design.

Hi guys!

Just another quick update to let you know you can now get Limited Edition Fine Art prints from my Etsy store;…

All prints are limited to a run of 50 each, and it's the only place you can buy hand signed and numbered prints directly from me. It's also the only place certain prints will be for sale, period.

That's all for now! :heart:

Video Interview - Realm Kickstarter

Wed May 8, 2013, 11:10 AM

I recently shared a little artwork from The Realm; a project I've been involved with at atomhawk for quite a while now. You can check out the kickstarter campaign here;…

There was a fresh update released today featuring a video interview of yours truly! It's pretty strange seeing myself in video format, but here you go! Listen to me ramble:

I'd love to see the project backed, it's most fun to work on. Enjoy! C: